Let’s get right to work here at OrganizeYourWorld.com. Today’s tip is about helping reduce clutter in your home and/or office environment. Forget “sticky notes,” and forget the “white board” of all your reminders for the day that you are supposed to cross off once you finish them.

No, today’s tip is going to be about right where you are sitting. How much paperwork do you currently have on the workstation in front of you? If it is a pile of stuff you haven’t sorted through in months, but just keep adding to, then you have to stop right now and tend to it.

Whether you realize it or not, that pile of “stuff” is distracting you. You can see it out of the corner of your eye, can’t you?

So, make a space on your table or desk, and one sheet at a time, begin to sort that pile. If you just can’t get rid of that big sheet of lined paper that only has a single, pertinent piece of information on it, start ONE FRESH SHEET that will contain not only that piece of information, but will collect others like it from that same pile. My guess is that you probably have 20 or more pieces of scraps that each have “one important statement” on them.

Create one “master sheet” of “important statements/information,” and then once you have THAT sheet, you can proceed to address each piece of information, and cross it off.

So, you might have a sticky note in your pile of “stuff” that says, “don’t forget to email Joe about the December 10th deadline,” or another scribbled note that reminds you to “look up the wiring widget for Carol.” ALL those types of reminders are now going to be on ONE piece of lined paper. OR, even better, put into a schedule of events on your computer that will electronically remind you of when to complete that task.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of time-saving and de-cluttering techniques that you can use. The task for you is to DIG IN and DO THEM!